True Friend Of Your Brand!

Planning to add some class to your vehicle? Premium Partz’s special carbon fiber license plate is a perfect item that will perk up the rear of your ride. At Premium Partz, we offer exquisite & dynamic custom carbon fiber license plates for all your vehicles! Our creative in-house team of designers has over 10+ years of experience in implementing and designing the perfect carbon fiber license plate. We have hundreds of pre-designs available for you to choose from and our special in-house artists are able to custom design any type of carbon fiber license plate that you may require. Our process is very simple, either you can provide us a design that you would like for us to customize for you or you can provide us some general ideas on how you would like the design to look and our in-house concept artists will design your carbon fiber license plate for you!

Industry’s Favorite Designer of Carbon Fiber License Plate

Premium Partz U.S.A forges its products with different and unique materials that other competitors in the market don’t offer. Choose from a wide variety of unique materials like pure carbon fiber license plate, aluminum, silver-chrome, aluminum-mirror or a custom combination that is based on a concept that you may have designed. Get additional features like waterproof logo embedding to keep your license plate clean, crisp and vivid for years without any deteriorating or fading! Get custom emblem designs for a slick and gleaming look.

Incredibly Exhibiting Class

With our custom options, you are ensured to have a unique carbon fiber license plate that will make you stand out from the rest. In addition, we also have thousands of different types of accessories available as well for all major car models like Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, and we also cater exotic-automobiles like the Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Lamborghini and much more.

At Premium Partz, we are different and unique from the rest of the crowd. We take special care of our customers and provide exceptional support. We work hard, around the clock to provide the best design, with the best concept, in a timely manner!
We offer a simple start to finish process with no hidden cost, order your carbon fiber license plate today!